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Relaxing with Indian Head Massage

The pressure points for Indian Head Massage

Relaxing is very much a needed part of slipping into a deep and satisfying sleep.

The "Indian Head Massage" is a technique originating in the Indian sub-continent.  It focuses on relieving stress and tension from the upper-body such as the upper back, shoulders, neck, and face by applying a specific massage regimen that stimulate and release blocks to the pressure points on the head and upper body being massaged. The simplest application would appear to be somewhat easy to learn and practice.

 I would be so thrilled if my partner were to learn this technique and practice on me... Here is a great, very clear video that shows you how it is done:

There are other demonstrations of Indian Head Massage on Youtube as well.  This one involves an Indian Barber giving a male client a head massage and shows what I would think is a classic Indian head massage.  I would be hesitant to get this from anyone who has not been well-trained in the skills required for this more classic version of the technique.  It certainly looks like it is very relaxing, however, when done by this chap.

If this interests you as something you would like to learn to do as part of your massage practice, or for personal use to overcome the issues that are preventing you from relaxing and getting a good night's sleep, you might want to check out the online course below.  You can watch a brief introductory video that will give you the instructor's overview.


This Indian Head Massage online course also makes a much appreciated gift to someone who is either wanting to learn an effective massage technique for personal use, or for a massage professional who would like to expand their practice techniques.

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