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How To Bust Dust Mites and Sleep Well

Dust Mites.  Not the mites themselves, but their excrement, can cause havoc in the life of anyone with air-bourne allergies who sleeps in a 'bedroom' on a mattress with a pillow under their head.  The older we get, the more dead skin peels off us and ends up as the 'dust' that these little critters feast on.  The more they feast, the more they.... well, you get the picture.

 If you have eczema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, psoriasis, or other recurring breathing, skin, ear, nose, and throat conditions, you can bet that the microscopic poo (apparently 10% of the weight of your uncovered pillow) from all those dust mites is going to irritate you further.  Sleeping well probably won't happen.

The following natural non-toxic dust mite cleanse of your sleeping area can go a long way to improved health in a very short time.  Two or three times in my adult life I've slept somewhere so fresh and natural that it was like what my choice for 'Queen for a Day' would be.  You know what I'm talking about-- a fully sustained sleep with pleasant dreams, no breathing problems, coughing, gasping, itching, _____________ (fill in your own best-kept secret plague of sleep malaise).  And then to rise refreshed and ready to go head-on into the miracle of the day!
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Please don't let the comprehensive nature of this put you off.  If it is too much for you, please invest in some outside help-- it's for your health and happiness!

(1)Put on a dust mask.
(2)Move all bookshelves to another non-sleeping room-- books are great purveyors of dust mite ka.
(3)Strip the bed down to the mattress.  Close doors to closets and attached bathrooms
(4)Wash all bedding in very hot (above 55 degrees C. / 130 degrees F) sudsy water.  Drying in the hot sun would be preferred, but dry completely however you dry.
(5)Spray mattress with a neem oil solution-- neem is a great natural insecticidal oil.  About 2 tablespoons of neem oil in a gallon of water is enough.  Put into a misting bottle and mist the mattress and pillows (better to change up your hyperallergenic pillows every  six months).
(6)If you have movable carpets, clean them as well as possible-- vacuum, spray with neem solution, dry, vacuum again.  If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, clean well and spray, dry, vacuum.  If possible, opt for hardwood or other non-carpeted floors.
(7)Wash the floors in your room, paying particular attention to the corners where the dust mites are said to breed.  ick
(8) Dust and wash with neem solution around air vents, and cover with a fine netting that can prevent airborne debris from entering the room through the vent.
(9) Dust and wash around doors, window frames, wall pictures, and other furnishings and surfaces.  You might also want to have drapes / curtains cleaned at this time as well.
(10)When mattress is dry (shouldn't take long), vacuum thoroughly with the special attachment for upholstery.  Vacuum pillows.
(11) If possible, use anti-dust mite covers over both your cleaned mattress and your pillows -- pricey, but again, worth it.  There is a suggestion online that you can sew your own covers from sheets that are 250+ thread count- put in a zipper or a flap that seals the pillow underneath off so the dust mite crud doesn't come through-- wash covers and regular sheets, pillow cases, about once a week.
(12) Re-make the bed.

(1) Wash bedding and vacuum mattress once a week
(2) Use tannic acid powder to dust into corners during the week-- you can find it in health stores and pet supply stores.  It will apparently neutralize the effect of the dust mite feces.  Vacuum up after a time in the bedroom.
(3) Wear full-length pyjamas to bed.  Supposedly minimizes the amount of dead skin entering the feeding cycle and keeps your covered areas from direct contact with the dust mite poo.
(4) A dehumidifier helps to eliminate the warm, dampness that dust mites prefer to breed in.

(5) If you do the "big job" above once every six months and keep weekly good hygiene (washing bedding, dusting, vacuuming) you will notice that your sleep patterns improve immensely.
*image of "So Tired" courtesy of L. Conte